Saturday, January 21, 2017

Mr. Alexander Klingspor.

"My work reflects the inner states of my mind, 
depicted in a surreal environment"
- Alexander Klingspor.

Alexander Klingspor is a highly sought after classically trained Artist.

His work embodies classical technique with contemporary, surreal subject matter.

His work has sold all over the world and collectors include the likes of 
Salman Rushdie and Whoopie Goldberg.

He maintains studios in both New York and at the Royal Academy in Stockholm Sweden. 
His work has been the subject of solo shows at Albemarle Gallery, London, 
The Arcadia Gallery, New York, and Christie’s Stockholm, among others, 
as well as group shows during the Miami Art Fair and the L.A. Art Show.

LW: I'm going to do this a little differently, I would like doodles/sketches/cartoons as your answers please. No words, unless drawn for effect.
Here we go.

1. Where did you grow-up and how was it?

2. You've been making a living as an artist since you were just 22 years old, how did it feel when you sold your first painting?

3. As a classical artist, what do you think of Modern art?

4. You've been to the jungles of Peru on several occasions to experience Ayahuasca, how was that?

6. What is the future of art?

Thank you Alexander, nice talking to you.

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